Cuckold Lifestyle

Understanding The Different Status Of The Lifestyle

If you are new into the lifestyle, or if you are considering entering it, you should first be aware of what is your status and where do you want it to take, if you want so… let’s take a look, shall we?
Interracial Sex… is the place a white girl, single or married, likes and prefers black cock over white penis, which is enslaved by it. Some girls receive the fever in their teens; other women become addicted later.

Swinging… occurs when both you and your wife celebration other couples, and occasionally single individuals, and have absolutely sex using them.Cuckold Lifestyle

Hotwife Swinging… is the place where your spouse fucks other guys so you’re there to view and video, and infrequently participate. But you always take action together. She becomes your Hotwife and she dresses accordingly, wearing for instance a cuckold thong.

Cuckolding… happens when your sweetheart fucks other guys while you’re at your workplace, or out-of-town, or whatever, and you also never even be aware of it. You become her Cuckold.

Hotwife Cuckolding… happens when your partner openly and sometimes dates other men, fucks whoever she would like, whenever she would like, often carries a regular Bull she spends time with, therefore you mostly enjoy it. But you don’t always be familiar with it beforehand; sometimes you just uncover days or even weeks or months later. You become her Loving Cuckold Hubby.

FemDom… is the place you submit to her authority, she locks your little penis, controls and restricts your orgasms, uses a belt on your ass when she thinks you require it, fucks you in the ass having a strap-on, and you also worship her cunt, ass, and feet. You become her Submissive PussyBoy.

FemDom Cuckolding… occurs when she enables you to lick her out and clean in the wet creamy cummy mess between her legs after she’s fucked another guy, and frequently causes you to suck off her Bull. Your having access to the pussy is severely restricted. In some relationships, she might require you to definitely offer your ass to her Bull. You become her Submissive Cuckold PussyBoy.

FemDom Hotwife Cuckold Interracial… happens when she does the above, plus more, but whatever, or doesn’t, is usually her decision.

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