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Hi there! I just had to share this with all the people who are eager to enter the lifestyle but might need some help to do it…

The Cuckold Coach is a little known book which should be on all the shelves of cuckold couples or cuckold wannabes.

The price of $29.99 might seem a little bit high, but if you have tried before to convince your partner in the past, you know the probably outcome: headaches and discussions leading nowhere but frustration, and therefore it is my personal opinion that the value you will get from the guide is so worthy that it will make the price look fair.

It is written in plain English, with little to none technical language, going straightforward to the most interesting topics for the reader which makes it very easy and quick to read.

It starts giving us very important and useful information about cuckolding, which is going to be crucial to understand the lifestyle, at which point we are right now, which point we want to get to, and the most important: it is going to give us valuable data to understand our partner´s psychology and sexuality!

Once we have been through the introduction chapters, things get “heated on”, as the author goes directly to the strategy to achieve a cuckold lifestyle, involving several techniques that we will be using as the tool to reach our goal successfully.

It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman! Although the book is targeted primary for men, it can be (and it should also be)  used by the women as well, as a guide to understand their own complex mechanisms and to get useful information on how the make the right approach to a given situation, depending on if you have something between your legs or not! Lol!

Finally, the author will reveal at the end of the book the bulletproof technique that should help any man who wants to be cuckolded. I am not going to spoil it for you, but I will say as a woman that the technique works extremely well, and seen from a woman’s point of view I would admit that it has real chances of being bulletproof, as it goes deep and direct inside your partner’s brain, and the way it works.


  • Easy language, no technical knowledge or studies are required.
  • Full understanding of the cuckold lifestyle to fully embrace it and enjoy it.
  • Discreet to get, as the book is bought as e-book so you can keep it hidden from curious eyes.
  • Affordable price, given the fact that it going to save you a lot of time, efforts and unnecessary discussions with your partner.



Check it out here!

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